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 Your Kling Furniture Research Options:

After five years of providing hundreds of customers with information about their Kling furniture, Klinginfo.com has expanded its offerings to better fit your needs.   See Customer Testimonials.

The Klingfinder Series gives you basic information about the most valuable and collectible Kling styles for no more than the price of a premium drink at Starbucks ($4.50). We have collections including Goddard Style sets, Mid-Century Modern, Kling High-Boys 1937-1962, Kling desks and secretaries of the 1930’s, and "The 7 Best Kling Vintage Bedroom sets."   To see more details and buy these “Kling Finder” products click HERE.

NOTE: If you buy instant downloadable files and have trouble downloading, contact James.Kling@yahoo.com. We will confirm your purchase and email you any e documents you purchased. 

Instantly Downloadable PDF files include a research letter and documentation for the most popularly requested specific styles (Suite numbers)  $7.70.  These are typically purchased by people who own a set and have identified it using the furniture backstamp number. It Includes value discussion and follow-up email. To see styles and backstamp numbers that are instantly available click HERE

$12 Express Service (24-48 Hours). We figure out what you need and send it to you via email PDF. See Details

If you are unsure of what research package to purchase, don’t understand how to identify your furniture, or you want to initiate a general conversation about Kling Furniture or Kling Factories, we will respond to all inquires at James.Kling@yahoo.com. However, no documents or discussion of specific furniture value can be provided for general unpaid inquiries. For the quickest and most meaningful response we recommend the $12 Express Service option discussed below or the Instant Downloadable PDF products available on this website.

Note: All instantly downloadable products also include free follow-up email correspondence with a Kling family member to clarify information, discuss specific value, or answer other questions.

We document the age and wood type and discuss the history and value specific to the style/product number of Kling furniture people own, as found using back stamp numbers. These packages are typically 10-15 pages in length. For example, “I have Kling furniture with a rectangular metal drawer tag and the number 20 on the back of the furniture” To see a sample of the research product you would get click on: http://www.scribd.com/doc/81399458/Letter20CherrySAMPLEWM 

To see available backstamp numbers and buy click HERE

NOTE: When looking for information on Kling furniture, the back stamp product or suite number on the back of the furniture is critical:    

Suite 152 Back Stamp Sample:backnumber.bmp

$12 Express Service. If our instant products are not what you are looking for--or your furniture is not one of the suite numbers offered instantly--this Express Service puts you in touch with a Kling family member and gets a response in 24-72 hours, often sooner. Klinginfo.com will prepare a research package for you that includes a letter discussing date and location of manufacture, style, wood type, and range of current value. 3-10 pages of supporting documents will typically accompany the letter. This will be sent to your email address via PDF and includes follow-up emails for further questions. We also have many “Kling Colonial” catalogs in our archives which show furniture with the burned in” Kling Colonial” mark and back stamp numbers in a 3X-0000 format. While we cannot verify the year or prepare the same level of research as pre-1962 Kling Furniture, we can often find and scan pages and provide some basic information about wood type, age range, and possibly manufacture location. Includes follow-up emails--$12 covers it all. We refund some or all of the $12 Express Service if we do not have information or if the documentation we are able to provide is of minimal value. 

$12 Express Service Purchase Here: 

If you are a registered Paypal user this is very fast and convenient. If not, you can use the Paypal button above and pay by charge card without opening a Paypal account, look for the "guest" option. Or you can buy the same service through the Klinginfo.com on-line store and pay by charge card. You can even send a check in to start the process—see below--all options are $12

If you are not in a hurry and don't want to use on-line payment, simply write a check or money order to Klinginfo.com, 438 Chicora Road, Lewiston, NY 14092.  Be sure to include a note of what you want and a clearly printed email address.