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QUESTION: Is Kling Furniture Still being produced?

ANSWER: NO.  The family business Kling Factories was sold to Baumritter Ethan Allen in 1962.  Ethan Allen continued to produce "Kling" and "Kling Colonial" branded furniture into the 1990's.  The original Mayville NY plant was operated by Ethan Allen through 2003.  


QUESTION: Why don't you provide free information about your past products like some other corporations?  Is Klinginfo.com affiliated with Ethan Allen?

ANSWER: Klinginfo.com is not a corporation nor are we associated with any corporation.  Klinginfo.com was founded by the Kling family as we felt an obligation to share the information in the thousands of pages of documents related to Kling Factories that we inherited and have since collected.  While it has been a labor of love, we seek to recapture some of the considerable investment in time and money by charging modest fees for our research and e publications.


QUESTION: Is Kling Furniture Valuable Today?

This question is like asking if a 1965 Ford car is valuable. During the middle of the 20th century, Kling was one of the largest and most respected producers of bedroom furniture in the U.S., and in certain periods made other products such as desks, secretaries, high boys and some dining room furniture.  1965 Ford Mustangs and Thunderbirds in good condition are highly collectable but a rusting 65 Ford Galaxie won't attract much collector interest. Similarly, some styles and pieces of Kling furniture can be worth $1000 or more. Certain bedroom sets make excellent and affordable alternatives to lesser quality new bedroom furniture. Other styles of Kling furniture are valued only as solid utilitarian pieces. Vintage furniture markets are highly variable and values are very dependent on location, negotiation, and the condition of the furniture. While Klinginfo.com cannot issue an official appraisal for a piece of furniture, our research and publications will help you understand your furniture's age, style, historical significance and the range of value.




QUESTION:  I just want some basic information about how old my Kling Furniture is.

ANSWER: See the Basic Furniture Info on our website.   Link here for Basic Info


QUESTION:  Is there a customer service phone number for Klinginfo.com or some other way I can quickly get some information as I don't see what I am looking for on your website?

ANSWER: As Klinginfo.com is a hobby business, answering phone calls would interfere with our regular day jobs.  We suggest using the $12 Quick Contact Customized Research option. We will make it a priority to contact you via email--almost always within 24 hours. If we can help you and send you any supporting documents we will retain the $12.  If we cannot help you at all we will refund you all of the $12.  If we can help you somewhat but provide little or no supporting documentation we will refund half.


QUESTION: What if I just email a question to the contact information email at James.Kling@yahoo.com?

ANSWER: We will answer these emails but they are not a priority. Questions about which research product we recommend or about the availability of certain research products will be answered first.  No documents or discussion of value will be provided for general unpaid queries. For a quick and meaningful response we recommend the $12 service discussed above.  


QUESTION: Is there any date logic to the back stamp numbers?  Can't Klinginfo.com just post on the website all of the back stamp numbers and their related age in the archives?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. A lot of the images and documents “standing alone” are difficult to understand. Furthermore, information like suite numbers were not always rationally assigned. For instance, the #300 suite number was used three different times for three different woods. As Kling family members and researchers, we at Klinginfo.com are still learning about the hundreds of offerings through the years. It sometimes takes two or three pieces of information from our archives to be sure about the time period a piece of furniture was manufactured.