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2024: This is feedback I got from customers in 2023 and early 2024. I have edited out specific information on customers and the details of their furniture.   Thank you for documenting your Kling Furniture and keeping vintage high quality solid wood furniture in your homes.    Jim Kling



Thanks so much for the valuable information, what a great service you provide.


You've given me what I was looking for and a some direction. Have a great 2024.   






Thank you for the attachment. I inherited a beautiful walnut desk …..I have been curious about it's history and now I know what it is. I admired this piece of furniture in her home for years, and it now graces my home. It has been lovingly cared for and remains in like new condition.


Thanks again for helping me identify this lovely piece.    C.




Good evening:


 You were so helpful this past summer with a set of Kling bedroom furniture I inherited from my in-laws that when I went to clean out my parents’ home recently and realized their bedroom set was also a Kling bedroom set I had to laugh and said to myself - well I know where to get info…


 A repeat customer!




Thank you for your quick response. And thank you for catching and refunding the double payment. I accidentally closed out of the screen and had to get back in.  The information you provided was very helpful.


 Regards,   KM 




Dear James,


Thank you very much for your email. This is what I anticipated so I will go ahead and sell the dresser. I expect someone else's family might enjoy it for many more years. Your time and effort is much appreciated.


Sincerely,   D. 




This is super interesting. I didn't think it was that old. Thanks for all the info!     Alice




Thanks Jim. I appreciate your help and the context. Also appreciate the quick turnaround.  


 Best regards,   Russ




 Thank you, James. Its wonderful that you have all of this information saved and available for customers. Best of luck in future success!       Rob




 This is very helpful Jim. My idea is to approach some local antique dealers and see if they have an interest in the set, but I might also post on Facebook Marketplace. I just needed an idea what to ask.  The furniture is in quite good shape — at most only a couple minor scratches, no broken pieces, and a very nice color, so I will probably ask near the top of your range. 


 Thank you for the detailed information. This has been very helpful.     Randy




 Hi Jim,


 Thank you so much for this information.  We love family heirlooms and don't have any plans to sell it, but we love trying to understand the origin of them.  My brother and I have fond memories of this highboy in our grandfather's apartment back in the 60's.  Thanks to Google and the number stamp on the back I found your website.  It's great that your family offers this service!


 Thanks again for this information!    SD




 Morning Jim


 Thank you so much for your quick reply and for the information on the piece. 


We bought it to upcycle/repaint and sell on. It certainly is a beautiful, solid piece of furniture and will hopefully be bringing joy to someone for many years to come.


 Best wishes    Richard






Thank you so much for this information! It’s amazing to have these documents. I can’t wait to show my family!






Thank you so much for sending this info! It is so cool to see the history behind it. I definitely wanted to keep this piece as original as possible as I tried to restore it. I scraped off old paint splatter, buffed some scratches, and used restor-a-finish to restore the finish! Also waxed the wood inside the drawers.    MJ



 Thank you so much! I am currently in the process of refinishing the set. I was just curious about how old it was. I love old furniture and the history. You can’t get furniture like this anymore. Everything today is junk. I previously bought the same dresser but a little larger than the set I just picked up it’s also a Kling. I redid it and it looks beautiful. Thanks again for the info!!






 Hi Jim,


 This is great info - thank you for the quick work! We were not able to find this buffet anywhere online either. It's great to have this letter and the pricelists!


 Thanks again - we appreciate your help.          Washington, DC




Hi Jim! 


 Please forgive my lateness in responding.  I can't thank you enough for all the information!  You are a wealth of knowledge!   ……


 While I was detailing the set I was blown away by the craftsmanship.  The quality, attention to detail and even the ability to survive a hundred years later in almost perfect condition is astounding.  The love and attention that went into building them is clearly evident. It reminded me of the movie, "The Red Violin".  Even the gentlemen who delivered the furniture said they had never seen pieces this old with the original casters still working perfectly.  






Thank you Jim. 


All the information and knowledge you've shared has given us a whole new level of appreciation and awe for this set.  Thank you again for helping us!


 With gratitude,  FH






 Thank you for sending this information.  I actually purchased it for $30.00 yesterday, but when lifting it we realized it was different quality than what we expected. After cleaning it I noticed the tag and went from there.               Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.








 Thank you so much for the Country Hearth Bedroom catalog scan and your helpful analysis!   I have several pieces of Ethan Allen furniture in maple, so it was fun to discover that my night table is a cousin of sorts in paintable pine.


 I appreciate your unique research service.   Beth






Good morning Jim,


 Thank you for the catch on the double purchase! I did not see that.  This packet is exactly what I was looking for.  I still can’t believe the deal my wife and I got on this set.   All the glass tops were present, and the finish is outstanding.  We will have this set for a LONG time to come!  Best wishes to you and yours.


 Regards,   Vermont






 Thank you very much for that. It's exactly what we were looking for and it's definitely found a new home in our entryway.


 Thanks again,         Heather






 Thank you so much. My Mom will be thrilled!!   (Replacement Hardware)







Thanks again for being such a great resource  I have found both sets of info you sent on the two different sets very very interesting. Also the fact that both my parents (who owned this most recent set) and my in-laws (who owned the set I got info about this past  summer) both owned Kling sets. 



 Mr. Kling,

 Thank you for your prompt reply! I appreciate all of the good information and advice. It is a pleasure to own such a fine pieces of furniture. 

 Thanks,   Keith


 Thanks very much for this info, Jim-  

Your furniture is certainly beautiful, and wow- how "neat" it would be to find a matching set!      Thanks again,   Christine


Thank you for your recent reply to my request for information on the vanity in question.  That was very helpful.     Kathy



 2022 and earlier:

 Jim,  This is fantastic news! This whole process has been exciting, just learning the history of the dresser has put the biggest smile on my face.  Thank you for your services.  F.A.


 Thank you very much Mr Kling. This is great.   I found the dresser of course …..on page 4.  I forgot all about that little wooden tray that was in one of the smaller drawers.  I think that’s the only thing missing from the original dressers.  Thanks again.  M. H.



Thank you Bill! This information exceeded my expectations. This set was handed down to us and has a lot of family memories…This information will help us find a buyer that can truly appreciate its heritage. And now I will be able to more accurately describe the set. Sounds like quite an amazing family history you have. I oftentimes long for the days of independently owned companies and factories that employed hardworking, local people instead of the mega conglomerates that own everything nowadays and use overseas factories and workers. But I guess that's just progress???   Mike


  Mr. Kling  I was very pleased to find your website klinginfo.com. and was particularly glad that you stocked the pull which I was desperately trying to replace! The dresser was purchased by my parents during the 1950's in Pittsburgh, PA. After a bit of TLC by me and the replacement of the missing pull, it is now being used by my 23 year old nephew. Thank you for maintaining your website and for your wonderful customer service while meeting the needs of Kling Furniture owners!    Sincerely, S.T.


 Thanks Jim, I appreciate all the information and thank you for replying quickly!

 Merry Christmas!    Mary


Hello Jim -

  Thank you so much for all the wonderful information….. Anyway, thank you again for sending so much info about my grandmother’s furniture. I love learning more about it all and seeing some of the original brochures and other paperwork.  This is super helpful for me to know. I was surprised at the value of the nightstand over some of the larger pieces but your explanation makes a lot of sense.    Thank you again for your help. Sincerely,    DE.

 Dear Jim,

 Thank you for your kind and informative reply. I will indeed search for a woodworker. In fact an old buddy of mine is a cabinet maker and might be able to help me.    I appreciate the data on the price list, which I assume dates the chest-on-chest as being 1938, which helps me track its entry into my family. It is still a very nice piece, well-made and attractive all-wood.     Thanks again, and here’s wishing you a safe and pleasant holiday season during these days of the Pandemic. Regards   C


 Mr. Kling,

 I was so excited to receive your email & to find out that you possibly have a drawer pull in stock for my dresser!! I have attached a picture of the pull I need.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank you so much!



 Thanks so much; this is great stuff.  It makes me want to keep it!!!  If I do, would you recommend having it refinished? Does that help/hurt resale value?   Thanks again,   K Z


Hello-This is so fun!  Thank you so much!  I will either buy all new pulls from your site- or find this pull elsewhere... I would like to find the pull.

 I appreciate your help!  I love this piece, and will use it as a desk! (Klinginfo note: We had identified it as a woman’s vanity).  JG



 Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. I do still have the mirrors! They are the original ones. And the original hardware as well. I am so amazed at the craftsmanship of this piece. Thank you again.   K.    (Klinginfo note: Assisted in dating a vanity to circa 1927)


 Good morning Mr. Jim.

 Please forgive my tardy response.  I can't tell you, how very much I appreciate your kind words, and all the information you provided me, concerning our Kling bedroom set.   MS


Thank you for your email. It was exactly what I needed. I bought a chest of drawers from a local resident and paid $80. Looks like a got a deal.  I bought the piece with the intention of finding a cheap piece to paint, but upon realizing it was solid mahogany, I am rethinking that.  

Thanks again, Erik



 Got the pulls today. Perfect fit and pretty close in matching to the originals. Thanks again. 



Hi Jim,   Thanks so much for all of the info.  I sincerely appreciate it, and you have definitely solved the mystery.  I’ve always been interested in vintage furniture as a hobby and have refinished many beautiful pieces in the past.  (Klinginfo note: we helped this customer understand why a night stand did not match up with the rest of her bedroom set.)  I will enjoy looking at the catalog also.  Janice


 Hi Mr. Kling,

 Thank you so very much for all the information you sent me including the complimentary extras. It will be helpful in making my decision about whether to keep or let go of the pieces. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Kind regards,   St. Louis


 Thank you so much for the information. ours is the Somerset bedroom set. I bought at the auction and we just cleaned and used the furniture restore on it, and my husband buffed all the handles, its beautiful. We love the carved spindles and the claw and ball feet. Thanks again.I will print the pages and store in the set. Paula


 Thanks for the information.  Very cool and interesting.  Appreciate your assistance!  Kris



Quick Note from Jim Kling: 2020 was a challenging year but so many of us were stuck at home looking at our furniture!  Thanks for supporting the website and glad we could help so many of you.  And thanks for your feedback too!





 Mr. Kling,   We gratefully appreciate the dating of our set. We are baffled to say the least at the age. We had thought 1948-58 though the more I look at it the more it makes sense Thank very much for the information. (Klinginfo NOTE: We were able to find dated pricelists for 1937-38).   Kind regards,


Jim Thank you so much for this information. I am excited to share this information about Grandma’s desk with my other family members who live here in Minnesota….It does need some cleaning up, so I appreciated your comments on the website with regard to the Howard finishing materials with which you have had great experience. Thank you for that. MINNESOTA


Hi Jim,
Thank you so much for the email. It's very neat to know the history of the items. They are beautifully crafted.  This set still looks gorgeous at 70 years old.  The wheels on the bottom of the dressers make them easy to move, which is a unique touch that I love. I'll feel better painting them now and giving them a second life where I'll use them instead of just "storing" them in the basement. Your family legacy is a beautiful one. It must be so special to see all the different items that you get inquiries about. I hope you have a nice weekend and thank you again for the information.     Maryland


Jim,  Thank you so much. It's wonderful that you continue to offer this peek into history for people.     NEBRASKA


 Dear Mr. Kling,   Thank you for so much for your detailed information and quick response. It definitely helps.

 You have so much to be proud of in your ancestor lineage. The furniture quality is solid and at the top of its class. I love restoring solid wood pieces such as this and I think Kling outstands Thomasville craftsmanship by just a bit. 

 One thing to note, at least in Texas, is the larger dressers are the rage. Especially French Provincial style. I think the new generation has grabbed on to repurposing the old with their desire to save the environment. They are looking for more storage and with the large TVs today, are using dressers as their entertainment center. Such these large dressers accommodate that new need. This doesn't increase the value but does help make it more marketable.  I hope that knowledge helps your research of the south in the use of oversized dressers. Mid-Century and Shabby Chic are the current trend.

 I love this piece and would love to find more outstanding Kling furniture for my home.

 Thank you again. May you be blessed in your commitment to keep the Kling furniture history and that in its era alive. We need more ancestors like you.  With kind regards,   TEXAS


 During 2019, we were pleased to serve our 1000th paying customer and have helped thousands more with free information via our website.  Thank you!


Some 2019 Testimonials


Thanks for the info! The furniture is in very good shape with little nicks. I am so proud of this furniture! It's the most beautiful I have ever owned! Thanks for making such great, beautiful and well built, quality furniture!

  L. Texas


 Jim,   Thanks for the two PDFs.  I haven't had a chance to completely read them yet, but a quick perusal indicates that they are exactly what I'm looking for.   Bill   Pennsylvania


 Great, thank you! Much appreciated and thank you for having this service.   L.   California


Jim,  Really enjoyed the document regarding the furniture line. It is a bit of nostalgia for sure! My mom bought the dresser and mirror….Thank you so much for maintaining this family business history.  S. Washington State 


Thank you for your prompt response. We acquired this at an estate sale and wanted to know more about Kling furniture in general, and the approximate age. The triple dresser is magnificent. We have no intent to sell, simply to use and enjoy (and document!).   J.   Connecticut 


 Hi Jim,    Looks great! Thanks for the quick follow up, and to the family for producing such a wonderful product.   R. Arizona


Jim,    Thank you so much for all your help.  This is great.  I am new to the "find and sell" hobby and am really enjoying learning about furniture and its history.  I appreciate the contribution of you and your family. Thanks, -K   Florida


Hi Jim,  Thanks for this information - it was very interesting to read.  I wonder if it's possible to narrow down the date of manufacturing a bit based on the manufacturing plant (Falconer, NY) and the furniture retailer.  I'm trying to get a little more clarity on when in the 1930s it would have been purchased, so I can determine who in my family actually bought it.   Thanks for your help,     A. California


  Thank You Jim ,   I have totally enjoyed our emails. Thank you so much for the pull and also the e-document, I enjoyed reading the origins of my furniture.  R.   Texas


   James, Thank you for all your information. I received this set about 40yrs ago from a family friend who wanted to buy a new set.  The pieces that I had , the dresser with mirror, the bed and 2 nightstands, I refinished by hand. It came out great. Thank You,  RS    



 Hello Again Jim,   Thank you so much! This is wonderful. I believe my mother has at least one of the other sets detailed in this same catalog (inherited from her parents) so I will be able to share this with her as well.




 Thank you so much for sending the pdf files. It is greatly appreciated and it makes it much easier to completely identify the two pieces that i just acquired.    S. Michigan





2017-2018 Testimonials: 


Thank you so much for the prompt and extensive reply/research.  My compliments to you and your family for providing this service!  It is greatly appreciated.


 Best regards,    CP




 Jim Kling and Wife,


Thanks for your help with the replacement pulls.  My dresser loves being whole again.  SM






 Thank you so much for this information. My aunt passed away in August and we are valuing the estate and considering what to do with the furniture. This set is in excellent condition. I didn't pay much attention to it until now. I really like the design and the craftsmanship. Again thanks so much for the service you provide.   K  




 Thank you for continuing to take care of your family's customers; long after the original sale!        V From California



Mr. Kling: 


Thank you very much for the attachment!!! It will certainly help my search. What a treasure to have the records from the past. And thank you to your relatives who founded Kling Factories and made such lasting beautiful furniture. 


Regards, KD




Thank you so much this information helps significantly.





2016-2014 Testimonials:

 Thank you so much! Our client was overjoyed to see the picture. It’s exactly the bed she had, but without the tall posts on the headboard. Her mother scrimped and saved for the set in the 60s so it is very special to her.    (From a furniture restorer we were helping)


Thank you for contacting me regarding the information I purchased about your furniture.  I was so excited to find your website and learn more about the pieces.  You have a wonderful website, very easy to use. I had no trouble at all. I recently inherited several pieces of the No. 10 Modern Group in perfect condition.   (New York State)


Thank you for the information. I wasn't concerned about the value as much as the age. They are in very good condition and plan to pass them on to my children. Hopefully they will stay in the family for many years to come,   Thanks again,  Judy


 Hi Jim - This information is GREAT!!!  Thanks for digging through the archives on my behalf.  Really appreciate your efforts to keep the history of the furniture alive.  Jeff


 From your e-mail, I believe I did well - a beautiful (in almost mint condition) well built high quality piece that will look beautiful in our daughter's old room that is now used as a quest room. I have printed all the info you sent - thank you so much and will keep in my paper work for the children to have. I hope I can find more Kling pieces in my area. Please keep up the Klinginfo. I found the site very interesting and extremely useful. A wonderful service for people like me who want high quality furniture to pass on to our children.   Helen

Thank you for your help. I have sold a few pieces. Hate to sell it but can't take it with me. I have had this furniture since it was new.   “ Joyce”


Those attachments are lovely, thank you! It is so fun to see the bedroom suite with two twin beds - that is how my mom and aunt slept!! Thank you also for the note on the upside down drawer pull - funny that I have noticed that, just thought, someday I will switch it!  Thank you again. I think the service you provide is fantastic, gives us a glimpse into how our furniture started its life and what it might have looked like in our ancestor's homes.  CALIFORNIA


 Thanks for your follow-up.  I had no trouble downloading the information, but I appreciate you sending the PDF file.  We do indeed own a set of Alden Manor in cherry and we love it!  Our pieces still have the paper labels on the back – it was shipped to Spriggs Furniture Co.     Ohio.




Thank you for the information on our Kling set.  We are looking at selling it and we were looking for information on the set. It is lovely furniture and it will be hard to part with, but it is time for a change.   Helen




Thanks for your help. Your research is great. I didn't know anything at all about vintage furniture of any kind until I got a Commander 27 chest on chest this weekend on sale and got interested in figuring out how old it was and its origin. I just bought it because it's so beautiful, I love it.      Beth




 No problem downloading and reading the documents. What a wonderful service you provide. I certainly don’t mind paying the very reasonable fee you charge. I found the items I am purchasing in your document without a problem.   PENNSYLVANIA.



Thank you so much! This is very interesting and good to know. I'd like to keep the set together and keep it for my children. I appreciate your help. 




Good to hear from you.  And so glad I am able to order these pulls!  My parents had two matching chests of drawers for years.  They are still beautiful pieces of furniture and not a scratch on them.   I gave these two chests to my son who just got married.  I was surprised to see the original pulls missing so was extremely happy to find your site on line!!  Thanks so much!!!    Florida



Thank you for sending the hardware, it fits perfectly.     Ohio





This document is awesome, Jim! The wholesale pricing document blew me away. Much appreciate.   Ohio




Thank you for the wealth of information! It is so interesting to read the history of the company and the details about my Olde Orchard furniture!  The pulls arrived today and they fit perfectly! You need to really look closely to see that they are not original! Thank you so much!  I love the Kling furniture, which came to me via my inlaws, who purchased it in the Trenton, NJ, area. I have a dresser, bed, night stand and desk. They are still in wonderful shape. Thank you for the work you do, keeping us supplied with hardware! I had been looking at antique shops with no luck and was so glad I found you on the internet.


New York State




Thank you so much for the detailed research package and additional Kling catalog information!  I especially enjoyed the historical context and design origin information.  I now have a much more in-depth understanding of these pieces.  After corresponding with you and receiving the research package, I believe we will keep them and will be enjoying them more because of the greater understanding of their history.   Thanks to you and your family for providing this service.     California




Thanks for the information you sent. You answered my questions about the value of precisely matching the Autumn Tan finish color and about the potential future value of the pieces. I suspected that they are of more "utilitarian" value, but wanted to be sure. They are certainly admirably well built, and have held up well over the years.    Dave New York



2013 Testimonials:


Jim.   We received our OO backplate and pulls, they are installed and they are perfect!   Thank you for your service and we will be in touch if we are in need of more. NH. 



Bill. Thank you so much for all your time and research . I cannot believe how well spent my eight dollars became. All of my pieces are in the catalog ,along with the best photo of the king size panel headboard, which is what I am trying to purchase online. What a great experience.  Thank you.    Oregon

Thanks so much.   I appreciate both documents.  My three pieces are nicely represented.  Your family's craftsmanship was first class.   The dresser has been in continuous use for 51 years and it's a wonderful piece.     Best to you,  California

 Jim Thank you for all of your help.  The documents have provided me exactly what I was looking for.  I also appreciate the fair price estimate you have provided for the nightstand.   California

 Thank you, Jim, for replying to my question.   I am thankful I found your website on the internet.  My grandmother had the Kling furniture and I inherited it upon her death.  We are military and the drawer pull was broken by the movers in one of our many moves.  I had no idea how to replace it.  I learned so much from your website.  I like vintage furniture because it is solid wood w/out press board as the back.  I will definitely keep my eye out for Kling.  I love my furniture. Now I can make it complete.

 Jim,    Thank you for all of your advice. I have a buyer and I did not advertise the vanity bcse I am keeping it, it's too precious to part with! The buyer is paying more than what you suggest, so I hope that's what really happens.    Regards   North Carolina.

 Thank you so much.  I am planning on keeping it and giving it to one of the grandchildren.  I appreciate the report.        Florida

 That is correct. I only have the vanity.  This information is very helpful and interesting.  I'm glad I wasn't planning to sell this piece but rather treasure it because…..it is a beautiful piece and in very good condition.     Delaware


Jim - just to let you know I received the pulls and they look great on the desk.  Very glad I found you, reproduction pulls would not have looked as good.     Texas


 I purchased "7 Best Kling Vintage Bedroom Suites" as a guide to help me with the Craigslist ad I posted yesterday for my parent's Kling bedroom set. A year ago, I sold my own set of Kling Cherry bedroom furniture (dresser, nightstand, two twin beds) from the mid 1950's to a woman who was very excited to have found it.     New Jersey


Hi Mr. Kling,     Just wanted to let you know I did not end up buying the dresser.  Your research helped me realize the seller was overpricing it, and she was unwilling to negotiate a more reasonable offer.       Thanks for your assistance,    


 Dear Jim Kling,   I was happy to discover your research service which I just signed up for.    My Mother’s estate includes a Kling Commander Cherry bedroom set.  My parents were married in 1952 and purchased this set soon after.  It is in excellent (actually outstanding) condition – it was my mom’s most prized possession and I have many childhood memories of it!   California


Thanks so much for the information on these two pieces!  I wondered why the handles were wooden when all images on your website showed metal ones.  I still really like them, even if they are not terribly collectible.  


We have received and installed the drawer pulls; our dressers look so much better now!  Thank you for offering us the opportunity to make these beautiful vintage dressers complete again.


Dear Mr. Kling,   I am so excited!!! Yes that is the exact furniture that I have... I have everything in the attachment except for the night tables which I have been searching for. I have the headboard and footboard, the chest of drawers, the dresser and the mirrors.    New Jersey


Thank you so much for sending me the Olde Orcharde research package!  This is really cool.  I had never seen this package before.  It is so great because I can see all the furniture I have.  I didn't realize there were so many others pieces too.  



2012 Testimomials:


Oh my gosh; I am so excited to read the information you have sent! I just purchased this piece from a somewhat consignment type store on Sunday. I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it, it was so beautiful! I found the markings in the store and was curious as to their significance and if they weren’t, it was still a grand purchase! I know nothing about furniture other than solid wood and quality is hard to find now days!   Bonus for me was locating the website while doing research online and finding out that I could possibly track information on the furniture! I am very pleased! And to learn from the family, how thrilling!


 Thank you so much!


Brenda South Dakota


Thank you very much for the information. It is so interesting to learn the history of the Kling Furniture factories ( I of course googled it when I saw the shipping label) and now to get original documents is really cool. I love this style of furniture and it really caught my eye as I was in a Goodwill store just browsing. Very well made and solid. The only thing is some water spots on the vanity. So I plan to keep it and am happy to have learned what time period it was made. I would have guessed 50s or 60s, (NOTE:  it was actually 1940)  so shows how much I know. Thank you again!


Teri Minnesota



Very helpful and so thoughtful for you to answer during your Thanksgiving weekend.  Thank you again for all your information.  If I do find a new home for the pieces, I will certainly tell them of the rich history of Kling.   Sandy (Eastern USA)


Thank you for suggesting Howard Products.  I went to Home Depot last night and "refinished" some of the pieces.  WOW!!  What a difference. The pieces came out absolutely beautiful and it looks like I had them professional done.Thank you for all the information from your website too. All the #'s were the exact same ones I own. Maria NY


I have seen a lot of Mid Century Modern lately and enjoy it.  Although I love antiques.  Your statement, that for the quality and price I could not get this set now was so true, (kind of hit home). dove tails, drawer dividers, both dresser and chest still have coin/jewelry trays, dividers in drawers, etc...   So I went for it and I am very happy.  Gwen Michigan


You should be proud of the quality of the product that your grandfather created.  I really enjoyed working on this project since it showed me just how dedicated his company was in creating such pieces.  I have been working on furniture since I was, just a hobby.   And now at almost 73 I have seen those that care and those that just throw something together.  It is one very solid set.  

Bob (I was helping him identify a set he was refinishing).


It is very interesting to read the history of Kling Furniture. I have two bedroom suites from Ethan Allen. Wish I had known about Kling a long time ago! I bought the dresser at a used furniture store. Now I’m on the hunt for more pieces!    Sincerely,  Brenda  Texas


 This is a belated thank you for the information you sent me regarding my bedroom suite 185. It was great reading about the history of the set. I have printed out the all the   wholesale forms, catalog images and information that you sent and will be keeping it with the suite as a way of authentication.  Anthony NY


 Thanks again- this is great. I've got the bureau, mirror, two twin head/footboards and a night stand. It's really interested to see the history behind it all!   Jamie Mass.


Thank you very much for the thorough and interesting information about the Kling 298 bedroom set.  In 1940, our parents were beginning school teachers, so we know that they certainly would not have been able to afford the top-of-the line set, but they chose a good, enduring one.  We intend to keep it in the family indefinitely. You must be very proud of your father and grandfather for establishing such a successful, reputable business with a quality product with longevity.  It is also commendable that you provide this information service. Thank you again.    Sincerely,   Jean Indiana


 Thank you so much!  I really appreciate the additional information.  It really tickles me to find out a little about the history of the furniture I've acquired--even if it's not the 'collectible sort'.  As for the prices--even when adjusted for inflation, there's no way one could buy a comparable product for the current cash equivalent.  The refinisher explained to me that the cost of wood has been inflated far more than general inflation as it's less plentiful nowadays--and skilled craftsmen are no longer employed on account of labor costs.  So old furniture is a bargain, whether or not you are looking for future museum material--which you wouldn't want for childrens' use and everyday use anyway.   Hannah NJ


 Thank you for the information.   It is beautiful maple furniture and has a wonderful golden honey color stain.  I am now attempting to find a bed that will compliment it.




 Thank you so much for the value information on my mom's dresser.  I really, really appreciate it.   Thanks so much for your response. Big help!!  Jen NY


 Thank you Jim.  It's very exciting to see the actual model in photos and the price list.  I wasn't aware that the High-boys are so collectible but I can understand it being they are large but well porportioned pieces.  I'll restore the finish as best as I can rather than strip it.  Whit   Indiana


Between 2008 and 2011:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That's awesome! I did not think it was that old. 

Thank you very much for all the information below and attached... it was extremely helpful and interesting!  I appreciate you sending it so fast!
Thank you for your research and clarification, Jim......it's definitely worth the fee!         California

Thank you for the prompt response, Jim. We’ll review this info below and reach out with any additional questions.    

Thank You, VERY MUCH.  There are a couple of marks on this otherwise it is in perfect condition.  THANK YOU again for the fast response.       New York

 Many thanks for all of your assistance and such prompt attention to the research --- very much appreciated!  The information you provided is quite interesting!   Amazing that such detail is still being archived...   I will share this with the family I am working with today...  they will be pleased I'm sure as they knew it was purchased by their parents sometime early in the 1940's.   Pennsylvania

 I got both your attachments and I am very happy.   North Dakota

I have received the package, very nice.   Thanks,      Massachusetts.

 Thank you for the information. It was helpful to know that I made a good purchase.   Thank you again for the info and the partial refund. Have a blessed day.    South Carolina

 Thanks so much. This is just what I need.  (in response to her question: “AllI am really looking for is ballpark value if I were to try to sell them.”)  arianne   USA

Thank you very much for the information.  It is greatly appreciated.  Happy 4th and God bless. Thank You

Thank you so much for the information.  I paid $87 for the piece at the local Salvation Army store.  I love the style and plan to keep it for myself! I didn't realize the casters were original. Thanks again. Maryland

Thank you so much for helping me with this information and getting it done so fast.  Like I stated before I got it for a project but I do not want to destroy a piece of history. It is a very sturdy mirror and has managed its way around the United States. From New York, To PA and 50 years later to ______.. I never bought it for its value but I love the history I have learned from it. Even though It does not have any uniqueness or special value I intend to keep it in its original shape. Thank you again for all your help.             Sincerely,               Southwest USA

Thank you for your fast reply.   The set is in very good condition.  The documentation is a really nice addition to the set.  Thanks again for your information and for providing this service.  

 Thanks so much for your quick response!  This info is really helpful and I appreciate the detail. I just want to make sure that I'm asking a fair price if we do decide to sell. Again, thank you for your help!!  Hope you have a great weekend.  

 Very COOL ~  Thank you!!  I'll be in touch, if I come across anymore...   Good luck with your research!!! 

Thank you for the very fast response to my request. I enjoyed reading the history of Kling furniture before I emailed for information on the pieces that I own and also the additional story in your email. It must be great to be a part of such a legacy. I was a small child when my father purchased this set and I remember how proud they were.   South Dakota

Hello, Jim. I received your research packet in the mail today and had such fun going through it several times. Thank you again! ………………………………………….. Finally, I am so excited to have images of the remaining pieces I need to be on the lookout for. I will have a great time hunting for them online and in antiques shops. Thank you so much again for all of your help and information, it has made this particular acquisition that much more exciting for me.  Sincerely,   PA 

Jim – thank you for this information.  It is so helpful.      Kentucky

 Thanks for the great research!  I will keep this info with my set.  We plan to keep this set in the family for a long time. Being a history buff myself, I really appreciate the research and archiving you and your family are doing.  Great job!!    Ohio

 Thanks for the info Jim.  I have no plans of selling it.  The bottoms were damaged by water in a small house flood and I needed some literature for my insurance company.  Hopefully they will be able to fix it.   Thanks again!   Hawaii

We received the package of info yesterday.  It's fantastic!  We agree we have the best pieces in this set.  It is refinished beautifully.  If I can get my camera to work I will send pictures.  I think you would enjoy seeing how well kept this is and how rich looking it is.  Each piece is perfect!  Thank you for your time in putting together all the wonderful information.      PA

 I received the hard copy research.  This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you.  Southern USA

 Just a note to tell you we received the info.  Thanks so much.  We are absolutely delighted with the furniture which we came across accidentally at an estate sale in a storage shed when we were looking for a different dresser for our spare bedroom.  We'd never heard of Kling but we knew the furniture was beautiful, looks like the best investment we've made in the last couple of years! We wanted to commend you for your excellent website!  Thanks again. Iowa

 Thank you for the prompt response!  

 You did an amazing job for me.  I really appreciate it.   

 Thank you so much for all your help and advice.  I hope to sell it to someone who will appreciate it's value because as you say, they don't make 'em like this anymore. 

Thank you again.   

Thanks for the research and commentary.  It is very interesting to see the history of the items.   

Thank you so much for the information on the highboy.  What an interesting history.  It was well worth the cost for your information.  I hope that others will use you as well.  Thank you again.