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Klinginfo’s Personal Express Research Consulting Service. $12.00.

$12 Personal Express Consultation Service. Since Kling produced hundreds of different suite numbers in many styles over the 80 year run of the Kling furniture brand, many customers choose this fast and convenient service. A Kling family member will contact you and ask for basic information about your furniture including the drawer tag style and backstamp number; basic pictures may also be required.  The initial contact is normally made within 24 hours and the research is almost always completed within 72 hours from your purchase, often quicker. You will receive in PDF format via email documents (pricelists, sales literature, etc.) and a documentation letter verifying age, wood type, style, etc. A general range of value is normally discussed, and customers are able to ask follow-up questions. If there is insufficient documentation for your furniture we will refund your $12. After purchase, if you have questions or wish to speed up the service, you can email James.Kling@yahoo.com.

Copyright information Klinginfo.com images

The images of furniture used on the Klinginfo.com webpage, Klinginfo.com publications and customized research are either owned by Klinginfo.com or are being used with the expressed written permission of Ethan Allen Global, Inc., which owns the Kling brand name. Print reproduction or website re-posting of Kling Furniture images found in Klinginfo.com products and its website is allowed only with expressed written permission from Klinginfo.com.

Refunds and Disclaimers

If for any reason we cannot provide the research services you have purchased, we will provide a refund. Even for the instant PDF products, a personal follow-up with a Kling family member is included and we will work with you to be sure you are getting useful information about your furniture. We refund some or all of the $12 Express Service if we do not have information or if the documentation we have is of minimal value.
Klinginfo.com research letters, documentation, verification statements, publications, and value statements are based on the best available information we have at the time the research is conducted. If we do not have a high level of confidence about the age or other information about a suite style we are evaluating, we will state such. When information is available, we make every effort to ensure that the information we provide you is accurate. However, the nature of evaluating vintage furniture using historical documents is imperfect. Therefore, Klinginfo.com cannot be responsible for any potential loss of value to our customers or web site viewers if the age or type of furniture is inaccurately estimated. If for any reason we cannot provide the research services you have purchased, we will provide a refund.