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$7.70 Instant Research and Documentation

See Furniture Style Choices Below this Description. Ideal for documenting an heirloom, enhancing the value of  furniture for sale, the curious owner, or potential owner. You are purchasing an instantly downloadable PDF file featuring a research letter written by Klinginfo.com concerning this specific suite number of furniture. This letter details wood type, year and location of manufacture, style, historical significance of furniture and position in the Kling product line, and then answers the question: "Is my Kling furniture valuable and what should I do with it?" Some styles are definitely collectable or make excellent usable heirloom bedroom sets, others are more utilitarian. Some were produced in high volume, others are now "rare finds" on the vintage furniture markets. These attributes are discussed and the letter provides an estimate of the furniture's value in a broad range depending on how it is sold, condition, etc.  Se a sample document package at:


You are also able to follow up this purchase with an email to a Kling family member at Klinginfo.com if you want further clarification or believe that your furniture is not represented. We always make good on this research product--and we will set you up with the correct information if you have purchased the wrong package. Also see each product for more details of what is included.