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Buying Replacement Hardware from Klinginfo.com

Klinginfo.com specializes in replacement hardware for the most popular Kling furniture styles, including the single post pulls found on Olde Towne (Furniture Back Stamp numbers  138-145)  and Olde Orcharde (Back Stamp numbers  248-273).  After years of effort, we are pleased to offer NEW single post pulls in both small and large for the “Olde (OO)” series just mentioned.   We also acquire used (vintage) pulls in many styles known to be used on Kling Furniture and after verifying condition and fit we sell them on this website.  To see all the pulls available, go to Klinginfo Store Pull Hardware.   Note: Vintage Pulls subject to availability.  We BUY some styles of single post pulls from Kling Olde Orchard Dressers

Questions: Contact Jim Kling at James.Kling@yahoo.com


Frequently Asked Questions about hardware purchases:  Most apply to the “OO” pulls described above and shown below left.


Left: Olde Orcharde Style Single Post Pulls,  Right: Double Posted (2 screws)

Q: How much do these cost?   A: Pulls and pull/backplate combinations at Klinginfo.com cost between $8 and $17. A $1.25 per item shipping charge and a $3.95 per order handling fee apply; so one item costs $5.20 S&H, 2 items cost $6.45, etc. We test each pull we sell on our own Kling vintage furniture to be sure they fit and to ensure the screw(s) work.  Klinginfo.com is a family hobby business and buys every part we sell.  Generally, we seek to  cover our costs and support the website.  We provide this mostly as a service for those who want to keep their vintage furniture in good shape. Kling Factories ceased to be an independent company in 1962. 

Q:  For the “Olde OO” style single post pulls should I buy just the pull or the pull with backplate?
A:  Ideally, leave the back plate on and buy just the pull.  A back plate and pull are actually two parts joined by a very soft weld.   With a pair of needle nose pliers you may be able to twist off the soft weld after you unscrew the portion of the remaining pull without taking off the back plate.  Alternately you may need to take a hammer and pop out the pull (with screw in but sticking out) with a gentle hammer whack on the screw from inside the drawer.   As a last resort, take the whole pull and back plate off and hammer out the pull remains from the back. 

Q: What if I need a pull that has two screws—that is not an “OO” style described above?  A: We have several of the most popular “double post” styles in the Klinginfo on-line store.

Q: How are these orders processed?   A Kling family member will process each order and it will almost always ship within two days.  We use the U.S. Post Office and ship in either small boxes or small padded envelopes.  You should be charged a $4.95 handling fee per order plus an additional $1 for each item in the order. If the website charges you more we will refund the extra charges. If you have any concerns about your order email James.Kling@yahoo.com.

Q: Are these new or vintage parts?   A:  Most are vintage (used), but we now offer NEW LARGE and NEW SMALL “Olde OO” style single post PULLS which are bestsellers.  These OO pulls are identical in style to the originals but are a stronger construction.  The NEW small comes in an antique brass which is a good match.  The larger size we buy in bright polished brass NEW and then use an environmentally friendly vinegar vapor process to antique them so that they will match the vintage backplates.  For all vintage (used) pulls of all styles we do not clean them but we do inspect them for fit and strength.  Occasionally we buy vintage pulls which aren’t quite what we expected and we sell these as “irregular” with a ZZ product code.  See the individual product descriptions for more detail. . 

We test each pull we sell on our own Kling vintage furniture to be sure they fit and to ensure the screw(s) work.



Q: How do I know which size I need?   For most furniture styles, Kling used two sizes.  The smaller ones were used predominantly on nightstands and top drawers of chests.  For the OO style single post pulls, the back plate itself measures about 3 and 1/8 inch across and the pull is about 1½ inches wide.  The larger back plate is 3 and 5/8 across with 2 inch wide pulls.   For other pulls, see the specific product description in the Klinginfo.com store.

Q:  If I buy a complete back plate and pull what comes with it?  A: Everything you need.  The back plate and pull will either be attached by a weld or more likely separate but fit well together.  If a single post pull, the screw will be included as will the small brass pin to hold on the batwing back plate.  If you buy just the pull the screw comes with it.   As mentioned before, we test each one.  If there is any question about a screw not tightening down we may add a small spacer for inside the drawer to be sure the pull is not loose.  

Q: How do I buy?   Where do I see the details of what I can buy?    On the left side of the Klinginfo.com homepage  under “Pull Hardware.”   This is a link to the Klinginfo.com store portion of the website.

Q:  Can I pay by check or money order or do I have to buy on the website?  A:  You may send a check or money order to “Klinginfo.com,”  438 Chicora Road, Lewiston, NY, 14092.   Add $3.95 handling per order and $1.25 per item shipping to all orders.  NY State residents add 8% tax.

Q:  What if I buy in quantity, do I get a discount?    A: No.  We have priced these as reasonably as possible and we also don’t try to make shipping a “profit center” like many firms.   If you buy multiple pieces we will attempt to “match” the coloring of the different pieces.

Q: Do you buy used Kling Hardware?  A: Some styles yes, others no.  
Contact us at James.Kling@yahoo.com.