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$4.50 Instant Kling Finder ePublications

$4.50 Instantly downloadable products. The Klingfinder Series gives you basic information about the most valuable and collectible Kling styles for no more than the price of a premium drink at Starbucks. Each publication is 14-30 pages of pictures, historical pricelists and other basic information designed to help you identify high quality vintage Kling Furniture.  
Important Note: This information is for your personal or business reference use.  The images of furniture presented in this publication and used on the Klinginfo.com webpage are either owned by Klinginfo.com or are being used by Klinginfo.com with the expressed written permission of Ethan Allen, Inc., which owns the Kling brand name.  Distribution or sale of print reproductions of this publication or portions thereof or web re-posting of Kling furniture images found in this or other Klinginfo.com publications or its website are allowed only with expressed written permission from Klinginfo.com.