Quick Contact Customized Research: Email and PDF 24-72 Hours

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Personalized Email correspondence and appropriate documents emailed to you. 24-72 hours

USE THIS $10 OPTION FOR MOST REQUESTS--Otherwise use the $8 Option for "Kling Colonial" burned in drawer markers with 3X-XXXX format backstamps. 

While our instantly downloadable products cover the most popular requests, Kling Factories produced hundreds of different styles.  Purchase this option if you want furniture information that is not represented elsewhere on the website.  Also, purchase this option if are not sure about the purchase procedure or which style you have.  You will download one page of instructions and then Kling family members will help you identify your furniture and provide you the information you seek, including general advice about what your furniture might be worth.   This entire process usually takes between 24 and 72 hours depending on the style of furniture and the speed and accuracy of your email responses.  The number of documents provided and the formality of the research letter will vary widely. If we can provide only one or two documents and limited information we will refund you half: $5.  If we cannot provide any documented information we will refund the entire $10.   Purchase this product, download the instructions, and begin an email correspondence.